The band takes a step opposite of where every one else is heading, taking a refreshing turn away from the generic and over used gimmicks of other rock bands and artists, creating something completely from heart and soul, never trying to sound like anything in particular, music that flows organically and generates a heartfelt and raw result. This approach is what sets them apart, and always has. Doing things on their own, making both creative and professional decisions that deviate from the crowd; paving their own path. This has allowed BASH to grow exponentially from the beginning: a 14 year old musician named Sebastian Felix, who is the bands namesake, founder, and writer, wrote and recorded the first BASH record, and recruited members Michael Russo and Miguel Samaniego throughout the years to record, perform, and tour the following records. The ground the group has covered speaks for itself, from national headlining tours, to such tattoo festival tours as the Ink Life Tour, performing with icons over and over again such as The Offspring, Hoobastank, Buckcherry, Static-X, Drowning Pool, Pop Evil, just to name a few. BASH has been able to prosper in a very unsure and unstable music environment that has both independent and major music players guessing. The key simply being: do it yourself. Hard work, dedication, and focus has made it possible for BASH to tell their story, and sing their songs to a crowd starving for honest entertainment. They have been able to break the age barrier having fans of all ages, 13 to 65 year olds alike, having Sebastian take pride in writing with no censor, and showing the listeners that they are not alone in this world, speaking to the outcasts, the abused, and the abusers, there is always something you can relate to in a BASH song.